Director at olio aps

Technical project manager
Solution architect
SENIOR developer

Entrepreneur and product manager with experience as technical project manager, solution architect and senior developer.

Very good knowledge of product development processes in R&D. Public sector domain knowledge for legal requirements, when using record and document management solutions.

Technical project manager with experience in managing outsourced teams in many different countries. Works with team efficiency based on a pragmatic approach to using SCRUM – keep it simple is a goal in all my work.

My primary programming skills include NodeJS, C#, Java, PHP, AngularJS, JavaScript and CSS, but I have been programming more than 18 different programming, script and database languages the last 33 years.

I have specialist domain knowledge from market leading CMS and DMS systems like Sitecore and Documentum. I know the Danish laws about personal data and record management (ESDH), from working as product manager in Software Innovation.

Currently I am working on a non-profit project called Oligo Academy to use virtual worlds in primary and secondary schools as the basis for international school projects.

I worked many years with confidential information and have been security cleared by both Danish Police Intelligence Service and the Danish Defense Intelligence Service several times.

Personal information:
Born 1973 and started programming early in 1984. Got first programming job in 1995 and started working as freelance solution architect and technical project manager in 2006. Practices the martial art Tai Chi Chuan, loves Jazz music and spending time with my family.


Very good Danish, English and German.


Contact information










Nikolaj Lisberg Hansen


Valdemarsgade 41, st. tv.


+45 22 90 91 22





Hour rates:







Only for minor ongoing tasks or ad hoc assistance with solution architecture or product development$120 (~ 800 kr.) part time/remote$150 (~1000 dk.) full time on site

Remote or Copenhagen / Malmø


 Category Subject Skill level Years Last used
Primary skills
Work area Technical project management Very skilled 17 2018
Work area Requirement specification Very skilled 17 2018
Work area Programming Expert 23 2018
Work area Web development Expert 17 2018


OpenSimulator virtual world simulator Skilled 4 2018
Development tools Blender / Blend4Web automation Skilled 2 2018
Work area Online education platforms Skilled 3 2017
Languages NodeJS Skilled 2 2018
Work area REST API architecture and RAML Skilled 2 2018
Languages Javascript Expert 17 2018
Languages AngularJS Skilled 3 2017
Languages C# Very skilled 14 2018
Development tools Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Very skilled 14 2018
Enterprise search skills
Work area


Solr, Google Search Appliance (GSA) Skilled 1 2015
Development tools NetBeans Java IDE Skilled 2 2018
Development tools Spring Skilled 1 2015
Development tools Maven Skilled 1 2015
Languages jQuery Skilled 5 2015
Enterprise content management skills
Work area Record and Document management Expert 14 2014
Work area Sitecore 7 Very skilled 5 2014
Work area Web usability and workflows Very skilled 10 2017
Database and platform skills
Development tools Eclipse PHP and Java IDE Very skilled 8 2014
Platform Linux/UNIX Skilled 7 2017
Database MySQL Very skilled 14 2018
Database Oracle Very skilled 10 2018
Database Microsoft SQL server Skilled 11 2014


Project experience


Customer: Olio ApS product development
Period: 2014/03 –
Description: Olio ApS is specialized in product research and development.
Oligo Academy is a concept for public schools to engage with each other in an open network sociaty for education in virtual worlds.
Lisberg IO is a product for scrum teams and teaching development in public schools to help with inclusion of student with social barriers for learning
Used skills: OpenSimulator, C#, LSL, MySQL, Blender, Blend4Web (presenting 3D models in browser online), NetBeans, Java, AngularJS, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3.

Mumble, NodeJS, WebGL and ThreeJS for 3D visualization.

My role:


Product manager, solution architect, technical project manager and senior developer.



Customer: Mind4IT (Visma Consulting)
Period: 2016/01 –  2018/05
Description: Technical project manager for Player Account Management system and Single Sign On system integration.
Used skills: People management, SCRUM, architecture discussions and requirement specification. Project management of distributed teams from different vendors in many different countries and company cultures.
My role:


Technical project manager, but with some solution architect and senior developer tasks as backup for other people.



Customer: Twins Consulting
Period: 2015/11 – 2015/12
Description: Short term senior frontend developer tasks for two large public sector customers in Denmark, implementing usability and design in self service solution and developing advanced UI components for map integration and forms with advanced conditional filters.
Technologies: AngularJS, Bootstrap (Sass), HTML5, CSS3, Gulp, C#, ASP.NET, MVC, Razor, SharePoint, OpenLayers.
My role:


Senior frontend developer



Customer: Findwise
Period: 2014/11 – 2015/08
Description: Working with large Danish private and public sector customers to improve their  Enterprise Search strategy for both internal and public content.
Technologies: Solr, Google Search Appliance (GSA), Findwise i3, MongoDB, Java, Maven, AngularJS, jQuery, Javascript and CSS.
My role:


Technical project manager and senior consultant





Customer: Addition
Period: 2012/03 – 2014/03
Description: Working with key accounts like The Danish Paliament (Folketinget), the Foreign Ministry (Udenrigsministeriet), the Ministry of Employment (Beskæftigelsesministeriet).
Technologies: Sitecore, C#, MS SQL server.
My role: Sitecore solution architect and technical project manager.


Customer: Secretary of Energy Effective Buildings under the Danish Energy Agency. 
Period: 2010/12 – 2011/03
Description: Implement Portfolio 1.3 as course administrations system for energy label consultants at the Secretary of Energy Effective Buildings under the Danish Energy Agency.


Integration to WinFinans accounting system for company information and invoice generation.

Technologies: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL.
My role:


Web developer



Customer: EK-Pro ApS
Period: 2010/08 – 2011/10
Description: Development .NET based energy label calculation system for the Danish Energy Agency.
Technologies: HTML, CSS, VB.NET, SQL Server 2008
My role:


Product manager and senior developer



Customer: Olio ApS
Period: 2010/04 – 2010/08
Description: Portfolio 1.3 product development of course administration and education management system based on record and document management. Development of automatic course enrollment, Windows 7 and Office 2010 support.
Technologies: Portfolio, PHP 5, MySQL 5, Java SE 1.6, XML
My role:


Solution architect and senior PHP developer



Customer: DRUID
Period: 2009/12 – 2010/02
Description: Development of new design in HTML, CSS for PHP backend. User interface design for conference web application with integration to payment solution.
Technologies: HTML, CSS and PHP
My role:


Web developer


Customer: Addition
Period: 2009/08 – 2010/03
Description: Sitecore business developer and architect at Addition for customers like Ministry of Employment, IT University and others.
Technologies: Sitecore CMS 6, .NET, MS SQL server, Windows 2008, Ankiro. Mail monitor
My role:


Solution architect



Customer: Olio Aps
Period: 2008/08 – 2009/03


Description: Portfolio 1.2 product development of course administration and education management system based on record and document management.

Education management tools based on record and document management to        support the needs of Copenhagen Business School (CBS). Implement online evaluation and process automation for Academic Professional Development

Program (PhD courses at CBS). Develop plugin architecture (XML merger).


Portfolio, PHP 5, MySQL 5, Java SE 1.6, XML
My role: Solution architect and PHP developer


Customer: Scanjour
Period: 2008/08 – 2008/12
Description: Development of Captia 4 customer specific solution
Technologies: XML, XSL, JavaScript, Oracle PL/SQL, .NET web technology, C#
My role:


Web and database developer



Period: 2007/09 – 2008/08
Description: Start web development unit and new business area for digital media
Technologies: Requirement specification, sales, building infrastructure, tools and work processes. Implementing Visual Studio, Subversion, PHP5, MySQL 5, VMWare   tools.
My role: Web solution architect and developer of Sitecore and PHP CMS based websites



Customer: Copenhagen Business School Learning Lab
Period: 2007/02 – 2007/08
Description: Product development based on work flow analysis of course  course administration. Develop course administration tool based on PHP5, MySQL 5 and Windows 2003 Platform. Implementation of security for confidential personal information as required by Danish law. MicroSoft Word and Outlook integration and automation. Java Applet development for integration with MicroSoft Office.
Technologies: PHP5, MySQL 5, Java SE, VBA
My role:


Web solution architect and developer. Work flow analysis and project management


Customer: Scanmaps
Period: 2006/08 – 2007/01
Description: Automation of business critical processes in Abode Illustrator with Adobe JavaScript.


Integration to GIS systems from the Danish Ministry of the Environments using

Web Map Services (WMS) in PHP.


Development of Java applet for web shop.


Requirement specification of security solution for distribution of  digital maps.

Technologies: PHP, Java, JavaScript, Adobe Illustrator
My role: Solution architect and developer



Customer: Scanmaps
Period: 2006/04 – 2006/07
Description: Java and PHP developer.


Developing web shop in PHP, based on data from Navision and a  MySQL



Graphical image manipulation in Adobe Photoshop

Technologies: PHP, Java, JavaScript, FreeBSD
My role PHP and Java developer.



Customer: Scanjour A/S
Period: 2004/05 – 2006/04
Project : Web and database developer in Scanjours R&D working mostly with web based user interfaces for the product Captia.


Developing OpenOffice integration to Scanjour Captia.


Oracle PL/SQL development of access control and security features.


SKAT: Optimization of Oracle SQL requests.


Developing integration to PDF based NetBlanket forms solution.


Developing installation and automation tools for software production.


Member of the architecture team working with FESD standards.

Technologies: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, XML, XSLT, C# and Oracle PL/SQL
My role:


Web and database developer








Customer: Software Innovation A/S
Period: 2003/05 – 2004/04
Description: Product manager responsible for making growBusiness ready for the Danish market. growBusiness is a business platform for record and document management, CRM system, portal solution, work flow module and project management tool.


Requirement specification and negotiation in relation to the FESD project, which was the largest IT contract in the history of Denmark.


System architect and developer of render server for growBusiness in C# based on web service interface to Neevia Document Converter and Abbyy Fine Reader

(OCR). The render server and convert any document format to PDF, TIF and text.

Technologies: C#, XML, XSLT, HTML, JavaScript
My role:


Product manager and system architect and lead developer



Customer: Software Innovation DocuLive A/S
Period: 2002/06 – 2003/04
Description: Program development and integration of DocuLive in QBE-Vision, Visual Basic and VBA. Developing integration to other systems in Java and stored procedures.


Development of Oracle to MS SQL server incremental replication based on business rules in Java. Filtering and support for document publising on FTP site or to database. Web based administrator interface in JSP based on Apache TomCat.



Developing DocuLive integration to Navision with Oracle Java stored procedures talking to MS SQL server database via Oracle Heterogenius Services.


Developing DocuLive full text search integration to OracleText. Wrapping OracleText to secure processing and error handling to gain better quality of service.

Technologies: Java, DocuLive, QBE-Vision, Visual Basic, VBA
My role: Developer with project responsibility



Customer: TietoEnator
Period: 2001/02 – 2002/05
Description: CMS developer with project responsibility for Documentum Web Content management solutions. System architect on Nordea Group Intranet based on Documentum WebPublisher. Borealis: Requirement specification, estimates/project planning and  development of Documentum templates for Development of web based administration interface in Java and JSP on a Apache TomCat server.


Technologies: Java, JSP, JavaScript, docbasic, WebQL, Visual Basic, DQL, SQL, HTML, XML and XSL.
My role:


Documentum consultant and web solution architect/developer


Customer: Siemens Business Services
Period: 1999/01 – 2001/01
Description: Developing integration to DocuLive in QBE-Vision, Visual Basic.


Installation and configuration of Oracle databases and some MS SQL-server databases. Developing SQL scripts. Estimating development tasks.


My three largest projects:

–  National Directorate of Labour:

Technical lead on major upgrade and development project.

Developing paradigm system for document production in VBA.

–  The Danish State Archives:

Developing software for exporting documents and meta data to a format that can be stored for the next 800 years at Danish State Archives.

Performing an export to Danish State Archives for the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

–  Sygehus Fyn:

Converting 5 Novell SoftSolution databases to Doculive on Oracle.

Technologies: DocuLive, QBE-Vision, Visual Basic, VBA
My role:


Consultant and developer



Customer: Copenhagen Business Schools institute for Accounting and Auditing
Period: 1997/01 – 1998/01
Description: System administrator and part of the superuser group on own initiative.


Administration of Windows NT servers.

Installation of all new computers and software.

Installation of Windows 95/98/NT workstations.

Technologies: Windows 95/98/NT
My role:


System administrator



Customer: Account Data A/S
Period: 1995/01 – 1999/01
Description: Administration of UNIX servers with INFORMATION (Universe) database.


Database development in INFO/BASIC and client development in Delphi.

Technologies: UNIX, INFORMATION database, Delphi
My role: Database developer and system administrator



Name: Bachelor student in computer science at the Copenhagen University
Year: 1992-1996
Duration: 4 years

Courses and certifications


Name: SiteCore 7 certified .NET developer
Year: 2014
Duration: 3 days
Name: SiteCore 6.5 certified .NET developer 
Year: 2012
Duration: 3 days
Name: SiteCore 5.3 CMS certified developer level 1+2
Year: 2008
Duration: 3 days
Name: Oracle Database 10g: Develop PL/SQL program units
Year: 2005
Duration: 3 days
Name: Documentum Developer Conference
Year: 2001
Duration: 5 days
Name: Documentum Quick Start Partner Training
Year: 2001
Duration: 14 days
Name: Documentum Web Development Kit
Year: 2001
Duration: 3 days
Name: Java Programming Language at Sun in Denmark
Year: 2001
Duration: 5 days