LISBERG.IO ApS is a socio economic company that develops innovative ideas and apps, that solve society needs in education, environment and healthcare.

We deliver independent consultancy in innovative projects, but our main focus is in house products i the form of mobile applications (apps).

The company will contribute to society by having 10% of employees with special needs, like reduced abilities, handicap, autism or other social barriers for having a regular job.

The company will therefore offer all employees the opportunity to work with flex hours or part time. All the companies activities will be planned, so employees can work from anywhere in the world.


We are currently working on a portal and social app for finding and designing your next home. It will make it easy to get better real estate search results, that take climate change and energy consumption into account.

We have developed and tested a concept for immersive 3D learning experiences called

The infrastructure we are developing in, will be used to create version 2 of, that can scale to the requirements.