Co-Pilot mentor

Teaching employees and new IT professionals in your organisation will become the new normal, due to a growing shortage of new professional IT developers.

We work together with non-profit organisations like Butterflies, that train new IT-professionals and therefore we can help you find new skilled employees.

Do you need a co-pilot to help mentor your development team, so more employees stay longer in your organisation and you get more value from their work?

Our senior developers can help you find new IT professionals internally or externally and mentoring them on your projects in your organisation.

The goal of the co-pilot project is to create more diversity in the IT industry and help different profiles transition into a job as an IT professional. Some examples of profiles that with a little mentoring can make your development team much stronger.

  • Talents affected by Aspergers
  • Refugees, immigrants, spouses
  • Retirees
  • Part-time workers
  • Veterans
  • Non-IT graduates
  • Internal domain experts
  • Students (too often neglected)

If your team is to busy to provide a good onboarding experience for new team members or if you need existing team members to transition into a new role, then having a mentor a few hours a week can be a very good investment for the team.

The mentor helps your new employee focus on the important things, choosing the right courses and supporting team development, to include and get the most value from the new employee.

A new employee with Aspergers for example might need the other team members to describe their tasks, because they have difficulties working with tasks that are not clearly defined. On the other hand employees with Aspergers are very detail focussed and often don’t mind doing repetitive tasks, that most other team members would like to avoid. Therefore re-organising your workload to fit the individual team members will make everyone in the team happier and more efficient.

Mentoring is based on remote dialog and hands on assistance researching solutions for your projects, with the goal of giving the new employee the skillset to work independently after 3-9 months.

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