3D immersive learning experiences

Oligo Academy is a 3D immersive learning experience project developed by Olio ApS together with education consultants from ChancePartout and several 3D designers.

The goal is to create fun and engaging learning experiences, were students can explore and learn together with other children anywere.

In the Learning module EnergyMatters students learn about climate and sustainability questions.



We tested the EnergyMatters learning module with students from 5th and 6th grade in a Danish school and they were all very motivated, by this teaching style that combines exploring a virtual world first and then getting up on their floor, to do group exercises, when using the future workshop method, to reflect on learning outcome.

Oligo Academy is based on the Open Source project OpenSimulator, but we developed many addons, to make it easy accessible to teachers that are less tech-savvy, like the teachers Dashboard.

Installing OpenSimulator can require support from your IT department, therefore we implemented a Docker image, that the teachers can install by themselves on a Mac or Windows laptop or get some of their students to help them.

See the how to install guide that has two videos demonstrating how to get started.

There is currently no learning modules, but lots of free 3D content, that will allow your students to build their own 3D worlds and for example learn some history by building a castle.

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