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3D immersive learning experiences

Oligo Academy is a 3D immersive learning experience project developed by Olio ApS together with education consultants from ChancePartout and several 3D designers.

The goal is to create fun and engaging learning experiences, were students can explore and learn together with other children anywere.

In the Learning module EnergyMatters students learn about climate and sustainability questions.





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Sitecore and enterprise search

We worked as Sitecore solution architects and technical project managers since 2009. Many public and private sites includes integration with backend document management systems and require enterprise search solutions.

Some big Sitecore projects that we have worked on are:

  • The Danish Parliament (
  • The Foreign Ministry (
  • Ministry of Employment (
  • Hempel (
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Course and education management

Portfolio is an course and education management system used by Copenhagen Business School to manage the assistant professor programme, PhD courses and courses in general.

Later the product was used by HRCare and the Danish Energy Agency for course and education management.

The Portfolio course and education management system was developed at Copenhagen Business School Learning Lab from 2006-2012, that later became Academic Development.

This record and document management system was developed with free technology like PHP and the MySQL database.

The solution integrated with Microsoft Offcie for document and report merge based on MicroSoft word and advanced quiries, that was used to generate all kinds for education material and reports for management.

This PDF flyer in Danish describes the functionality in more detail.


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Enterprise Content Management

Since 1999 our consultants have worked with leading enterprise record and document management solutions.

In 2003 Denmark started standardisation for the common public record and document management initiative (FESD), which was the largest IT contract in Denmark ever. Working as product manager and in R&D units for several suppliers of record and document system, has given us a unique network and inseight in these public sector systems.

Most of these systems that we worked with like Documentum, Public 360, Captia and DocuLive required expensive licenses and databases like Oracle and SQL server. These system promissed to deliver ECM and BPM, but didn’t deliver well enougth on the latter. A main reason for this was the big investments in different architectures and the cost the attempt at standardisation required. A better approach would in my opinion would have  been to require all suppliers to use the same archtecture and instead competite on add on modules that solve business processes.

Today open source initiatives like Alfresco and similar platforms offer much more business value for smaller investments.

At the turn of the millenium we developed advanced paradigme systems for document production, that integrated with record management. These systems supported central administration of reuseable template texts and domain bookmarks for merging dynamic content more effeciently.

Today more simple template systems like Templafy are made available online, they focus on brand consistency more than full automation and better governance.

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Software as a service solutions

Olio is working on providing software as a service solutions. We have developed a render server for converting and transforming 3D models, as well as converting any document to PDF on the fly.

Using XenServer virtualisation and physical hardware we can provide a better platform for software as a service solutions that require graphics or other CPU intensive applications.




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Automation solutions

Automating solutions that makes it possible to offer personalised products, can help boost sales.

Olio helped companies automate all kinds of solutions as most products include an internal scripting or external automation option.

An example of a solution we helped to develop was ordering of personalised maps of Denmark based on public web map services, combined with the automation to produce the maps using simple tools like Adobe Illustrator.

In Denmark many government institutions have become service providers and many raw data can be found online as services. See for example the public data catalog.